Where in the World Will Cassandra Be?

Terceira (also called “Ilhas Lilás” for the lilac/violet landscape) is one of nine islands in the Azores, which is a string of islands owned by Portugal. In Portuguese, “terceiro” means “third”. What I’ve been told is that it is called the “third” island because it was the third found and explored, or that it is the third largest. I’ll have to look into this!

I’m looking forward to sipping a galão soon–the Portuguese version of a cappuccino with espresso and foamed milk. Yum.





This brew looks so homey and warm. It reminds me of cold December mornings and tip-toeing across stiff and creaking floorboards, fried eggs spattering oil in a skillet, and homemade blueberry muffins, sitting down in a grey cardigan with my hair messy from the pillow. And reaching across the table to pour some honey in the bottom of my cup, before tilting the steaming glass pot.