Four Women and Tea

Four Asian women sit around a high-table, speaking a language I do not recognize. They have bought the mainstream American brew of tea, and clink little white porcelain teacups together before laughing and sipping. It’s fascinating really. Somehow it feels like they’ve created for themselves a niche where they can talk fast and talk about interesting subjects–I know because their eyebrows raise and the tone of their voice changes rapidly–among a group of coffee-drinkers. More like coffee-house-dwellers.

Current Obsession: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has this deep, retro voice that is both nostalgic and also mesmerizing. Her lyrics are profound, and though you probably recognize her from the radio for her “Summertime Sadness” song, she has quite a few really interesting ones in her portfolio. Plus, her music videos are pretty trippy too.


This brew looks so homey and warm. It reminds me of cold December mornings and tip-toeing across stiff and creaking floorboards, fried eggs spattering oil in a skillet, and homemade blueberry muffins, sitting down in a grey cardigan with my hair messy from the pillow. And reaching across the table to pour some honey in the bottom of my cup, before tilting the steaming glass pot.



Things Happen

There are beautiful moments in life…and then there are just moments where you receive bad news, and that news shapes or unravels your whole day. Today was like that. I went on a wonderful floating trip with a huge group of friends. We spent about four hours floating down the river–I capsized my canoe twice on the rapids–and the day was glorious. I was settling into my bed after a nice, hot, refreshing shower, and got news from someone very close to me on a subject which I can’t speak, but that proves life-changing. Life changing in a bad way. I wonder if these moments in life are meant to humble us? Are they meant to remind us that through the happiness, there still exists pain? Does pain clarify joy? Does it give it the essence that makes it joy? I wonder, do you…?

The Generational Obsession with Our Moon


The moon is called by many things by different cultures throughout the ages, but it has always been the glowing orb in the sky that seems to have a magical effect on our world’s happenings. We’ve all heard it before, gravitational tides in the ocean, psychotic impulses during the full moon, and let’s not forget where the origins of the word “loony” come from. But through this, why is there such a feeling of warmth we have towards the moon at night? Is it that we feel comfortable in the presence of light through the dark night? Does that say something to us about our human nature? Or is it because for thousands of years, the Moon has been the brightest in the sky, the close thing always unattainable? Well, until we landed on the Moon. Then again, we did not land on the moon. Some human representations of our countries landed on the moon, and we were left to experience the monumental occasion vicariously through our TV sets. What do you think, and how do you respond to the moon? For me, I love the idea of walking through a moonlit night. So romantic.